Five industries overveiw  

      Under the complicated international situation, information security and self-control are two important topics for China. For the core IC field, the State Council issued the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Outline" and set up the IC industry investment fund. The development of IC industry becomes the national strategy.

      As a sub-group of the CEC, HDSC assumes the responsibility of a central enterprise. With the strategic needs of Made in China 2025 and information security,  we develop self-controllable, safe and reliable IC products with the chip design business as the leading role. We focus on the development of computer network, industrial control, smart card, display and multimedia, and Beidou navigation, which are five main important industry fields which are closely linked to the national strategy and major livelihood. We drive the China IC upgrade with the momentum of industry development, service for national and group's requirements, and build up ourselves into an IC giant enterprise.

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