Focusing on Industry Application to Implement the Strategy of“Made in China 2025”

       August 24 to 26, 2016, HDSC attended the Shenzhen International Electronic Exhibition with its MCU and RFID Divisions and subsidiary companies Shanghai Belling and Nanjing Micro One Electronics . Around closely the manufacturing key segments, HDSC demonstrated in this exhibition its latest products and solutions such as ultra-low consumption MCU, smart metering, power management and RFID etc., targeting industry applications as a good approach to enhance the application adaptability of domestic chip and implement the strategy of“Made in China 2025”.

Ultrasonic Water Meter Solution

      This solution integrates the first China ultra-low power consumption MCU patented by HDSC. This chip provides flexible configuration of 9 working modes to adapt to different working conditions. Under ultra-low power consumption mode, the lowest working current is only 0.9μA。 The ultra-low water meter solution can address the long time existing problems of insufficient metering accuracy and leakage detection incapability etc.,  and meanwhile provides infrared and remote communication interfaces for remote diagnostics and updates. It features with super high performance and precision, and provides strong practical value to the market.


Smart Metering Solution 

Shanghai Belling, the HDSC subsidiary company, has always been in the leading position in the three meters market, especially with breakthrough in the smart water meter for the recent years. Its low internal resistance relay driven chip is the first of its kind domestically, which integrates discrete devices of magnetic relay driving circuit into a chip. This solution reduces customer cost effectively, saves the PCB space and enhances the product reliability.

Power Management Solution

Nanjing Micro One Electronics, the HDSC subsidiary company, has been in the leading position in the power management market with its low standby, high efficiency and high performance power management solution. Its ultra-low power consumption and high precision low voltage battery field boasts an extensive market including white home appliance, wearable equipment, AR\VR and medical electronic equipment etc.



RFID Smart Manufacturing and Application Solution 

RFID involves a series of products including the first domestic security algorithm qualified ultra-high tag chip.  RFID is an indispensable part of “Made in China 2025”which can be used in the manufacturing process for automatic identification management, remote control and status supervision and management etc.; in the manufacturing supply chain process for accurate material distribution and warehouse visualized management etc.; in the after-sale process for product traceability and return management.

        ”Made in China 2025”is the Chinese government’s guideline for the transformation of China to a strong manufacturing power for the first decade. HDSC shoulders heavy responsibilities of upgrading fast national integrated circuit industry, safeguarding the security of national basic information networks and achieving self-control capability on important application industries. Starting firstly from industrial application, HDSC will enhance the domestic chip adaptability and have a concrete practice upon the strategy of “Made in China 2025”.

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