Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Has Promoted the Development and Application of China-made "Chips", Implemented "Made in China 2025" Strategy

Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Has Promoted the Development and Application of China-made "Chips"  Implemented "Made in China 2025" Strategy2025

HDSC September 13, 2016 report: a theme forum from IC Design Branch, China Semiconductor Industry Association was held in Shanghai on September 11th. The theme of forum is "Made in China 2025" and “opportunities for China-made chips.” HDSC as a leading company in IC design industry, hosted this forum.  On the forum, parties from all circles made in-depth exchanges of opinions on industrial control, intelligent terminal, robot application and demand for chip. This forum created a good communication platform among government agencies, professional international organizations, manufacturers, users and others who are on the upstream and downstream industry chain. What’s more, the forum has made contribution to the development and application of China-made chip and the implementation of "Made in China 2025" plan.

Dong Haoran, general manager of HDSC, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out: “intelligent manufacturing is a systematic engineering. For semiconductor industry’s development, there is still a long way to go. For many times, government policy-making departments have also tried to drive its development through government funding, but the problem still has not solved. The significance of this meeting is to coordinate all forces to promote the application of China-made chips and make the cooperation between the upstream and downstream closer.”

Wei Shaojun, Chairman of IC Design Branch, China Semiconductor Industry Association, delivered an important speech. He said:“China as a big economic country, the foundation of its manufacturing industry cannot be given up. Because of this, the Chinese government has issued a series of important policies such as China 2025. These policies, along with all the national development strategies such as“the Belt and Road”, are complementary to each other. IC has played an important role in the development of China’s manufacturing, so the development and application of IC should be regarded as the most important among strategies, cores and foundations.”

Then, Yao Jun, the division director of Planning department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, interpreted "Made in China 2025 Plan". Yan Yi, China district chairman of PLC Open International Organization, delivered a speech on "Intelligent Manufacturing and Demand for China-made Chips". In his speech, he introduced the development trend of industry 4.0 and the trend of chips localization. Jiang Chen, Chief Engineer of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, gave a presentation named "Application and Demand of Intelligent Chips in Enterprises of Household Electrical Appliances”. In his presentation, he illustrated the development trend of home electrical appliances industry and the demand for chips. Finally, Shanghai Step Robot Co., Ltd, as a representative of users, made a speech named "Robot, the Chinese Chips", and brought a robot video into the spot.

In the interactive session, heated discussions were carried out among parties , Collision of sparks of thought appeared constantly, and all parties promised to carry out “made-in-china 2025”. HDSC undertakes the mission of rapidly upgrading the country’s IC industry. Therefore we will join hands with other peer companies to promote the development and application of China-made chips and to implement “made-in-china 2025 ”strategy, so as to realize “Made-in-China 2025” plan, to meet the national needs for network information security and to ensure the security of the core system of the industrial control and key equipment.

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