Despite the Difficulty In China Market Promotion of Internet of Things, HDSC Is Striving to Meet the Challenges

2During July 20th to 22nd, 2016, the CCTV Business News interviewed Beijing CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (HED)

Under the topic of “The technology of Internet of Things (IOT) is developing rapidly in our nation, while the China market promotion is still difficult”, the interview points out that while the technology of IOT is developing rapidly in China and the domestic self-dependent and breakthrough of technology has also the leading edge in the world, it’s widely acknowledged that there are the difficulties in the China market promotion. HED is the subsidiary company of HDSC and it has achieved not only substantial progress on its self-dependent technology of the chip, but is also now the domestic leading and globally the 4th smart card chip manufacturer. In the future HDSC will integrate the related resources to explore continuously the IOT market, meet the challenge, and construct a better IOT top-level design to satisfy the diversified IOT application market.

Besides the attention from the industry, this exhibition draws also high attention from the China Electronic Corporation (CEC).  Chen Xu, deputy general manager in charge of corporate IC business, accompanied by Jiang Shiping, general manager of HED, visited the HED exhibition stand and listened to the report on HED overall business and products by Liu Yuegang, general manager of HED Marketing Department. Chen Xu pointed out “We should exhibit our integrated system to have a clear view on the integration of HED chip products with the overall system”.  At this exhibition HED had 12 sets of DEMO commissioned jointly with all kinds of applications, which formed a series of total solutions rather than an isolated smart card. This is a milestone of the staged achievements for HED.

Chen Xu (right second), CEC deputy general manager, accompanied by Jiang Shiping (right first), general manager of HED, visited the HED exhibition stand and listened to the report on HED overall business and products by Liu Yuegang (left first), general manager of HED Marketing Department.

With continuous smart devices release and upgrade, their application functions are also more and more enhanced. Secure chip is the core of the foundation. HDSC will continuously leverage its own advantages, keep upgrading the traditional application field of secure chip and meanwhile construct the safe IOT era.  

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